It is a communications agency Formed by a specialized team of professionals who offer high quality development projects. Propose creative and innovative ideas to improve their sales, position your brand in the market to enrich the foundations of the project.

We produce digital plans to your needs, capable of generating strong linkages between firms and their audiences, creating value to your projects. From BUUUM we consider communication as the cornerstone of human and that is why for successful projects, we use all our supported potential

by years of learning and experience in different disciplines involved as communication, marketing, advertising / photography, gaming. Design and programming. We live in the age of Internet, which means very visible channels of communication for businesses, highly profitable and cash.

We do what we do because ...

We are passionate about communication and the development of each project. We base our commitment on exploiting visually and functionally every work that we touch, in order to grow with our customers. Our ability and energy allows each work support our words.

Dates and compliance

Every customer who communicates with us, is racing against the clock. We propose a flexible time and meet this, giving peace of mind that the product is done properly and according to the agreed date. To accomplish this, we need a team with the client.

Lucas Venier

Art Director

With over 10 years experience. Specializing in editorial, websites and community managment.

Diego Barrantes


Programmer's specialist development and database management. Creating perfect systems in webs.

Nicolas de la Cruz


PR, Online campaigns, Social media, Digital Marketing, Design and implementation of communication strategies. Community Management.

Juan Manuel Nuñez

Production / Photography

Photographer, specialist in digital animation, VFX compositor

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